Our Team

We are a team of payment professionals dedicated to bringing efficiency into today’s banking ecosystem. With years of experience in card issuing, program management, banking and issuing processing, we genuinely understand your pain points and are here to help them go away.

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Imad Bouhmadi

Founder & CEO

Imad founded PayTic in 2020 to power the industry with dedicated technologies that help BIN sponsors and their affiliates in complying with the industry standards and managing their day-to-day operations including chargebacks, frauds, customer support, reconciliation, and more. He has 15+ years experience in payment cards processing including credit, debit, prepaid cards, mobile payments, and processing operations.


Ayyoub Rqibi

VP of Client Success

Ayyoub is responsible for ensuring that PayTic’s clients are getting maximum value from their SaaS subscription. Before PayTic Ayyoub managed payment programs for over 50 banks and financial institutions in Europe, Asia, and Americas. He has worked closely with executives at these institutions to monitor performance, improve processes, and optimize their operations.


Kate Firuz

VP of Product

Kate is responsible for directing the product strategy, roadmap, and work cross-functionally with all teams to push products forward. Kate holds a master’s degree from McGill University in Montreal and has worked in the payments industry for over 8 years; she has directed company growth on the acquiring side and was Director of Product while building a card program from the ground up in the Canadian market.