Transforming Card Program Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Our Platform

PayTic simplifies card program management with an integration-free SaaS platform, ensuring compliance, security, and cost savings for businesses.

Author: Kate Firuz, Director of Product


Efficiently managing a credit card program can be daunting for Card Issuers. This is because Program Management requires the coordination of critical business functions like Accounting, Compliance, and Customer Service. Cross-departmental collaboration comes with its own challenges because there is a lack of visibility, a tendency for delayed response times, and a high risk of things falling through the cracks. When it comes to your card program, these issues don’t just expose you to regulatory concerns, they put you at risk for fines, suspension, and negatively impacting your customer service.

PayTic was formed based on our team's extensive experience with Program Management and the exposure to the pain points that occur day in and day out. Our platform revolutionizes card program management by offering an integration-free SaaS solution, providing a clear view of the entire card program to maximize bottom lines. By streamlining necessary processes and functions, PayTic significantly reduces the workload, tackling the common challenge of unclear costs and the burden of manual operations that many FinTechs and community banks face.

How PayTic Supports Your Card Program

Compliance, Security, and User-Friendly Experience

PayTic ensures compliance and security while providing a user-friendly experience in card program management. Our platform offers a clear view of program fees in a single dashboard, flagging discrepancies for easy escalation. This feature is critical in an environment where compliance with KYC, AML, and other regulatory standards is paramount and where many institutions need help with oversight and proper procedure adherence. Moreover, PayTic simplifies the processing of claims through a single portal, streamlining the chargeback submission lifecycle directly to the network, which is a vital aspect of fraud prevention and customer service.

ROI, Cost Savings, and Future-Proofing with PayTic

Adopting PayTic has significant implications for ROI and cost savings. The platform eliminates the high labour cost associated with manual reconciliation, fraud detection, and dispute resolution. Furthermore, PayTic's automation and comprehensive data handling reduce the risks and costs associated with non-compliance. By enabling the scalability of card programs and streamlining operational and compliance processes, PayTic not only saves costs in the short term but also future-proofs card programs against evolving market demands and regulatory changes.

Robust Reconciliation Engine

One of our core features is our powerful reconciliation engine which seamlessly ingests processing reports, scheme reports, and core banking data, offering a comprehensive view of settlement operations, program ledgers, and cardholder balances. This capability addresses one of the most complex areas of program management—reconciliation of data from diverse sources such as networks, issuing processors, and sponsor banks, which often varies in formats and figures.

PayTic is at the forefront of innovation in card program management, offering a comprehensive solution that addresses the complexities of this field. It's an indispensable tool for institutions seeking efficiency, compliance, and an enhanced customer experience.

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