allpay uses PayTic to Automate Reconciliation Operations




Hereford, UK

Key Challenge

Manual reconciliation for 20M records/month relied on shared spreadsheets and diverse sources. A dedicated team spent hours compiling, formatting, and handling exceptions.

Key Benefit

By automating their daily reconciliation processes, allpay was able to shift time and energy from inefficient manual work towards revenue generating activities.


Established in 1994, allpay has consistently been at the forefront of payment aggregation, processing over £8.8 billion annually for over 900 public and private sector entities. With over three decades of experience, we now process in excess of 90 million transactions annually, offering a comprehensive bill payment solution that encompasses all major payment methods. Our commitment to innovation has led us to pioneer the introduction of Prepaid Cards within the Public Sector. From card design to printing and fulfilment, all aspects are handled by our dedicated team. We are also proud to serve over 500 Housing Associations (HAs) and ALMOs, with 90% of the top 250 HAs in England and nearly 60% of all UK Local Authorities (LAs) choosing allpay for their bill payment services.

The Challenge

allpay handles over 20 Million card transaction records per month, and with ambitions of growth for both the cards and direct debit solutions, the manual processes for reconciliation and exceptions management were becoming unmanageable.

“PayTic has played a critical role in liberating our team from manual processes that were inefficient and holding us back from pursuing growth opportunities.”

Barbara Cichacka-Szaj Payment Operations Manager, allpay

A team of four individuals spent 4-5 hours each day manually downloading, combining, and formatting spreadsheets for reconciliation. Having shared spreadsheets within teams where updates are done consistently throughout the day are prone to human error and not scalable. The identification and management of exceptions between the files was time consuming and distracted the team from investing in new projects. allpay realized that maintaining their level of compliance and excellence while chasing growth was not possible with these manual processes.

The Solution

allpay contracted with PayTic in mid 2023. “We needed help in not only automating but also optimizing our reconciliation processes,” says Barbara. “The PayTic team and platform has been an invaluable source of support in our reconciliation activities, replacing 5 hours of work a day, to literally 20 minutes, freeing up 90% of our staff’s time to focus on new sectors of growth for allpay”.

allpay has made use of PayTic’s Network and Custom Reconciliation features, allowing them to not only reconcile at the standard settlement files, but also create robust custom solutions to meet their daily use cases. allpay plans on expanding their contract with PayTic to include Dispute Management and complete the fully integrated set-up by end of Q3 2024.

Has PayTic helped allpay reduce manual effort, streamline processes and make it easier to comply with regulations? “Absolutely. We see PayTic as a catalyst for allpay to grow our market share with new products and services while easily navigating the regulatory landscape and data management”. -Barbara