Drag. Drop.

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PayTic - The modern way to run your BIN risk & compliance operations

Our risk and compliance module takes the manual work out of dispute handling, avoidable dispute losses and scheme reporting so you can scale your card programs.


How does it work?

Paytic is a single, drag-and-drop automation solution with interconnected modules for all your back office teams

You can try PayTic without any integration work, and using your own data.

Regulatory Reporting

Report right the first time

Regulatory reports are no place for second guesses. PayTic generates them for you – pre-filled, data integrity checked, and in the perfect format. Not only can you review and compare report figures before submitting QMRs to Mastercard and QOCs to Visa, PayTic will also flag any anomalies in the data directly. This will allow you to report an issue, investigate further, or confirm that the numbers are ok prior to official submission. Customise your reporting. Use our regulatory report template library or create your own - with all the reports card programs typically need to generate, it’s time to own your compliance. Create custom report templates that make it easy to meet the regulatory reporting requirements for whatever jurisdictions you're operating in.



Ease of mind with automated disputes

When unauthorized transactions, or delivery issues happen, a chargeback is often required. This guided dashboard allows users to easily start the claim process. The dashboard directs the agent to gather the right information from the cardholder in a simple questionnaire format and if qualified, submit the chargeback directly to the network. Cases can be followed in detail at every step of their processing lifecycle and PayTic will even flag transactions as potential chargebacks, letting you action before the cardholder has to!

Download our quick reference to risk & compliance features here: