PayTic removes the manual work from BIN operation processes

For Banks & Credit Unions
  • Simplified and accurate regulatory reporting

  • Efficient and effective dispute automation

  • Insights and control over all your card programs

  • Network invoice analysis and sponsored program invoicing

Select the features below to learn how PayTic can make your program management easier.


Regulatory Report Submission

Network Fees and Invoicing

Automated Dispute Dashboard


Report right the first time

Not only can users review and compare report figures before submitting QMRs to Mastercard, and QOCs to Visa, PayTic will also flag any anomalies in the data directly. This will allow you to report an issue, investigate further, or confirm that the numbers are ok prior to official submission.

Customize your reporting

Report template library with all the reports that card programs typically need to generateĀ or make your own: Create custom report templates that make it easy to meet the regulatory reporting requirements for whichever jurisdictions you're operating in.

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